From services such as remote pharmacy order entry for hospitals to products such as a safe and effective system to properly dispose of unused prescription medication, the businesses under Vaught, Inc. are pioneering solutions for its clients.
NightWatch Remote Pharmacy Services reaches beyond comprehensive remote order entry with outstanding services and customized solutions that address the wide variety of health care facility needs. Go beyond remote order entry with NightWatch.
MedMatrix Solutions offers professional and effective billing and practice management services to wide variety of medical professionals including family practice, specialists, surgeons, dentists, and therapists.
V23, LLC is the launching pad for innovative and unique products that assist the health care industry. These products are born through analysis of current obstacles or new regulatory demands for the health care industry and are marketed and sold by V23, LLC.
Indigo Health, LLC develops customized solutions for organizations whose primary function is not health care, but include health care as a significant component, such as school systems, group homes and correctional facilities.